Cookbook Stacks

Building your own cookbook stack? Did you just make it bigger with a cookbook haul? Are you reviewing a cookbook? Grab the Cookbook Stacks image and share your cookbooks on your own blog. Just highlight, copy, and paste. And have fun trying out all those recipes...

Participate by sharing your own cookbook stacks. No real hard and fast rules here. The ultimate goal is to see what everybody is reading cooking-wise, and to see what everyone's cooking.
  1. Books should be cooking related - cookbooks, food encyclopedias, ingredient dictionaries, professional manuals, beverage books, dining room etiquette and set up, biographies and autobiographies of famous foodies and chefs, etc.
  2. Pick up the image below and place it in your blog post.
  3. If you see it on any of my blog posts, leave a comment and I'll check out yours. Likewise, if someone leaves a comment and a link to their latest cookbook haul, check them out, too.
  4. Link back to this page so others can take part.
  5. Have fun, and happy cooking.

The Cookbook Papers


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