Reading is somewhat of a wasteful hobby. You can easily find yourself spending countless hours absorbed in a story and pretty soon the whole day is simply shot. Fortunately, reading is also a fun and incredibly enriching hobby as well. And very pleasurable.

Case in point - cookbooks, books dedicated solely to cooking and foods. I can sift through a good one for hours, picking the recipes I'd like to try, or wish that I had time to cook. I have a collection of cookbooks nearly sky high, and I have an incredible urge to pick up, read, and collect historical cookbooks. And because cookbooks make up such a large part of the books I review, this is dedicated to house every one of them.

This blog contains nothing but cookbook reviews, along with recipes and the best tips from many. Some reviews coincide with my 'Fresh From the Stacks' cookbook meme. If you are looking for other book reviews, visit my book blog Succotash Reviews.

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If you have a cookbook you have written that you'd like me to read and review, email me at sandandsuccotash (at) gmail (dot) com. See Submission Guidelines for more info.

My taste buds will thank you.



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