Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jamie's Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver

Learn something new and pass it on. That's the running theme throughout Jamie's Food Revolution. Jamie Oliver is on a quest to educate readers on the benefits of good food and simple preparation. And by teaching, he is hoping the newly educated cooks will pass on their knowledge with someone else ("preferably four").
Regardless of recessions and credit crunches, we all need to know how to cook simple, nutritious, economical, tasty, and hearty food. And once we've got this knowledge, we should pass it on through friends, family, and the workplace to keep that cycle of knowledge alive.
One of the things I love about Jamie Oliver is his comfort level in the kitchen. I love to watch him prep, cook, and finish a dish as it is inspiring as a cook to watch someone on television just be honest about cooking. What shows through is the food, the cooking, and the relationship he has with whoever is in the kitchen with him - as opposed to typical celebrity chefs we see so often with manicured fingers, perfect aprons, and the coolest appliances.

Jamie's Food Revolution is a collection of recipes that will enevitabley make to the most-requested file for the family menu. The book has 14 chapters which contain everything from Simple Soups and Lovin' Salads to Quick-Cooking Meat and Fish and Kick-Start Breakfasts. My favorite: the Easy Curries chapter. Indian is my hands down favorite ethnic food, and finding recipes for Chicken Korma and Aloo Gobhi is enough to make me swoon.

Between the different recipes, you'll find brief profiles of various people and how the 'pass it on' culture has changed them - what they learned from it and where it has taken them. An example is below from Natasha Whiteman, which pretty much sums it all up: take in a recipe, learn a technique, and turn it into something positive.
I used to be rubbish in the kitchen - I burnt everything. Me and my kids were stuck, living off burgers and kabobs six or seven days a week. In my dreams I had a picture of my family, happy around a table, eating real food. After being passed on a handful of recipes, my dream has come true. And now I've even got my own little vegetable patch!
In all, a really great read, and since this was a 50 cent used book find, an incredible deal in the process.

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