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South African Gourmet Food & Wine: Traditional South African Food and More

South Africa is similar to the U.S. in that there is a wide ethnic influence on foods available. South African Gourmet Food & Wine (Myrna Rosen and Lesley Loon, Dorrance Publishing, 1997, ISBN: 0805941878) is a selection of different foods with wine or spirit parings for much of the recipes listed.

The cookbook is broken down into these chapters: South African Traditional Recipes; Appetizers; Soups; Seafood; Poultry; Beef, Lamb and Veal; Salads and Vegetarian Dishes; Desserts; Cakes and Tarts; and Cookies and Small Cakes. There is a foreword from KWV International, as well as a List of Suppliers in the U.S. and Canada for South African Products. The chapter KWV's Special Recipes includes recipes using wines or spirits from KWV, and according to the boo, this is a system of origin that was introduced in 1972 that certifies that the origin and contents of the spirit or wine bottle correlates to what is said on the label. All the wine has to be grown and made on a South African estate to have this.

There are a few pictures in the book, all housed in the center, and the book contains recipe for South African specialties such as Snoek Pate, Kekker Bobotie, Stywe Pap, Malva Pudding, and Watermelon Konfyt (or watermelon jam).

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