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Royal Teas with Grace & Style

Royal Teas with Grace and Style, written by Eileen Shafer and published by Dorrance Publishing, is a beautifully laid out tea guide and recipe book. Shafer does a great job with listing all the elements of what constitutes a proper tea, and provides simple recipes to try for different tea menus.

Eileen Shafer is a former proprietor of Royal Tea Impressions, a teashop with two different locations in Illinois. As she began to give talks on the topic of tea, she realized the retail side was taking her away of her newest calling, giving tours and lectures on the subject. Tea history, tea etiquette, and tea jargon is sprinkled throughout the book, with definitions for industry terms. The book contains everything you need to give a proper tea, and what to do when you are invited to one.

Royal Teas with Grace and Style Overview and Chapters

The book has multiple chapters on giving teas, and the recipes are all congregated in the back of the book, with 13 chapters in all: Tidbits of Tea History; Tea Varieties; Preparing Tea; Lists & Details; Invitations; Planning a Tea Menu; Creating an Inviting Atmosphere; Setting a Beautiful Tea Table; Manners Manner; Course One (recipes for tea sandwiches and spreads); Course Two (recipes for scones, shortbread, and tea breads); Course Three (recipes for cookies, cakes, and sweets); and Tea and Beverage Recipes.

Royal Teas with Grace and Style is lavishly illustrated with drawings and engravings from Anna Griffin, and tea images are photographed by Thomas Rouse. A great resource book for readers new to the tea world, and a colorful addition to those already inside it.

Book Information:
  • Royal Teas with Grace and Style; Eileen Shafer
  • Dorrance Publishing; 2010
  • ISBN13: 9781434904676
  • Hardcover, dust jacket, color pictures; 122 pages.
Disclosure: This was provided by the publisher and any opinions are my own.

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