Friday, May 31, 2013

Recipes for Fish and Seafood by the United States Fisheries Association, and a Recipe for Whale Steaks

Every once in a while I'll put an obscure recipe on Friday on my Old School Pastry blog. The entries are called 'Foodie Fridays'. Today was as odd as usual, with whale steaks as the course being prepared. The recipe was published by the United States Fisheries Association in 1927.

You probably will never prepare it at home, and good thing - the recipe calls for cooking the steaks for a couple of hours until tender. Even though it would be tender, I can't imagine it tasting all that great, especially with the simple 'gravy' it is served with (just thickening the poaching water with flour).

Whale - Whale meat is coming more and more into favor as people are realizing its qualities. It is generally in the market as steaks. These can be prepared as given below or the cooked meat can be minced and used in all fish or sea-food recipes.

Read the full recipe for Whale Steaks here on the Old School Pastry Blog.
Renee Shelton
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