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Cleaning and Cooking Fish: Basic Fish Prep and Recipes

Cleaning and Cooking Fish by Sylvia Bashline

Cleaning and Cooking Fish by Sylvia Bashline is part of The Hunting and Fishing Library, and contains everything you need to know about how to prepare fish, including cleaning, filleting, and preserving. While this book was printed in 1982, the basic information still applies today.

Sylvia Bashline has written other books on the topic of fishing and was a longtime writer for Field and Stream and Outdoor Life magazines. Bashline approaches cleaning and cooking fish in a direct way and makes it easy for a beginner to jump in and tackle any project. Cleaning and Cooking Fish is separated into these basic sections: Introduction; Cooking Techniques; Recipes; and Preserving Fish.

The Introduction has more than just a brief passage by the author. It has all the basic information needed for the different recipes in the book, such as field dressing and filleting fish, how to store fish, and tips on using up all of the fish. The Cooking Techniques includes a handy Fish Substitution Guide if one fish called for in a recipe isn't available (and also includes the different common names for fish for easy identification). Readers will understand how to do many cooking methods related to fish: baking, broiling, pan frying, and open fire cooking. The Recipes section includes recipes for different menu items.

The last section, Preserving Fish, goes into detail how to pickle fish at home, how to make seviche, how to can fish, and how to salt cure fish. All these preservation techniques are nice to know if you have more fish than you can eat at a given time for later eating.

Disclosure: This book came from my home library and any opinions are my own.

Book Information:

- Cleaning and Cooking Fish by Sylvia Bashline
- Publication Arts; 1982
- Hardcover, 160 pages

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